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Stop the presses!

1 Mar

Ok… let’s be honest… there hasn’t been any activity here since Christmas BUT there is good reason!

Verkade Landscape Design is getting a facelift just- in-time for Spring!

As aspiring style editor to the gardening world, I LOVE to share my view on landscape design, garden decor and stunning plants.
So… I’m launching Verkade Garden & Style,  a new garden design
e-magazine that will showcase fresh and gorgeous garden design inspiration.

Stay tuned…

Your garden stylist,



Don’t Fence me in! I’ve got style!

26 Aug

When it comes to fences, it seems that the ‘creative box’ is exceptionally square and small.  ENOUGH! Fences are a significant investment in your landscape so don’t settle for the status quo.

*yawn* the standard fence does little to impress

A well designed fence is like the perfect pair of jeans. It immediately communicates the style or look you are trying to achieve. If your favourite jeans are from Wal-Mart, the standard fence may be what you want.  However, if you’ve picked up your favourite jeans at H&M, you’re likely in the market for a more contemporary style.  In short, knowing your personal style will ensure you pick a fence that suits you!  Here are some fence styles that you may want to try on for size.

Simple Modern Fence Design

Modern Revival contemporary landscape