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Creating a Butterfly Oasis

15 Aug

How do  you  make butterflies fall in love your with garden?  Quickly simply,  the way to a butterfly’s heart is through its stomach!  Watch the video to learn about my favourite late summer perennials that serve up a sweet nectar buffet for those gorgeous fluttering garden visitors!


Here are some butterfly-attracting plants available at your local nursery.

– New York Ironweed (Veronia noveboracensis)

– Asters

– Butterfly Bush (Buddleia davidii)

– Butterfly Milkweed (Asclepias tuberosa)

– Black-Eyed Susan (Rudbeckia hirta)

– Purple coneflower (Echinacea)



Are those peppers?!? Yup, it’s time to refresh your summer containers.

4 Aug

It’s already August and one of two things may have happened to your lovely garden containers.

1. The heat wave a couple of weeks ago did a number on your plants.  Most survived, however others look like a wilted salad.


2. They are looking good but some of the annuals are blooming less frequently.  Perhaps a slight “face-lift” is needed?

This 1 minute video will highlight some plants that are frost tolerant (not frost proof) so that your containers will keep their sexy look into October.

Late Summer Container

Plants included are:

– Ornamental Pepper ‘Calypso Rouge’

– Ornamental Pepper ‘Black Pearl’

– Pennisetum ‘Fireworks’

– Scaevola aemula

Fix that dull & drab balcony!

16 May

Looking for a simple to install product that will dramatically change the look of your balcony?  Consider EON deck tiles.  They are 100% recyclable, zero-maintenance and absolutely stunning.

Watch this short video to see how they look on my balcony and to learn more.

Find them at Canadian Tire or on Costco.ca.

A natural touch at the Royal Wedding

29 Apr

Savvy Kate chose Shane  Connolly, an English  floral designer,  whose is known for using seasonal, organic flowers and employing a sustainable approach by using as much growing, rather than cut, plants and trees in his floral arrangements.

Kate’s Bouquet

The bouquet personified Kate – classically beautiful, thoroughly English and reserved with purpose.  Containing all organic, freshly cut flowers, each were selected based on their significance to the Royal Family, the Middleton Family and the Language of Flowers.

  • Sweet William means gallantry (how appropriate!!!)
  • Lily-of-the-valley symbolizes the return of happiness
  • Hyacinth signifies the constancy of love
  • Ivy signifies fidelity, marriage, wedded love, friendship and affection.
  • Myrtle is the emblem of marriage and love

Kate herself requested that all the cut flowers will be donated to local charities BUT  what ever will happen to her bouquet?  Personally, I would’ve loved to see Kate toss it over her shoulder following the romantic balcony kiss!

The Abbey

The dramatically simple floral displays in Westminster Abbey featured all locally grown flowers from the Royal Estates and other growers in the country including azaleas, rhododendron, euphoria, wisteria and lilac.

The most impressive feature were the six 20 feet-high English Field Maples and two Hornbeams that lined the dramatic aisle.  Thankfully much care as been taken with these trees as they were planted in large custom designed containers.  Following one week of public viewing in the Abbey, they will taken to private royal family gardens  (Highgrove Gardens) to be replanted.  Now that’s a wedding keepsake that will grow and flourish as they do!

Going vertical

21 Mar

Wallflowerᵀᴹ Urban Garden designed by Haldane Martin, is a modular planter system that is designed to enable city dwellers to grow veggies and other plants on vertical walls.  Instead of graffiti and billboards let’s have urban vegetable  and flower gardens.

Garden Metamorphosis – Behind the Scenes @ Canada Blooms

18 Mar
Verkade Design had tons of fun supporting  Sander Designs  to create a sexy garden for Juno award-winning Jully Black.  Our garden planting garnered us the award for (drum roll please) …. “Best Use of Tulips”   No too surprising… I am dutch afterall 🙂 
Sexy takes work!

Putting on my marketing hat, a video montage was created to showcase her philosophy and philanthropic work with CARE Canada and also invited people to interact with Jully on Twitter.   Check out the Jully Black garden experience this weekend at Canada Blooms.

To see some behind the scenes (and not so flattering pics of me) click here.

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