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Get Busy! Your Spring Garden Checklist.

5 Apr

It’s time to get your hands dirty!
Here is your quick checklist to get your garden rocking this Spring.

1. Rake and remove excess debris, not all debris (i.e. remove broken branches and smothering leaf litter).  Be careful not to damage fresh tender shoots.
2. Prune summer-flowering shrubs (e.g. Rose of Sharon, Hydrangea, Hardy Fuschia) but NOT SPRING flowering shrubs or you won’t flower this year! (e.g. Azaleas, Rhododendron, Forsythia)
3.  Cut back ornamental grasses (leaving about 4″ of last years dead growth)
4. Fertilize & amend your garden beds using compost and organic mulch now so they have time to mix and settle before you plant in May.
5.  Divide & Save $$$: Divide perennials such as Hostas, Daylilies and fall blooming ornamental grasses (e.g. fountain grass, maiden grass) once their sprouts reach greater than 2″ in height.  By dividing and replanting now, you will save $$$ at the garden center this spring.
6.  Indoor Care: Re-pot overgrown indoor houseplants as they too will soon have a quick burst of growth and will welcome a larger home!