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Gotta love accessories!

9 Nov

When the seasons change, its time to shop!!!

Get in on last-minute sales at Garden centres and decor stores near you so you can add that extra ‘bling’ to your outdoor space. I picked up these fab-finds at Fresh Home & Garden with savings between 20-40%!
Outdoor decor items such as mirrors, pillows and rugs will transform your outdoor living space from generic garden to spectacular party-hosting space!

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Freshly planted fall container with #kal

27 Sep

Freshly planted fall container with #kale #cabbage #gourds. Looks beautiful enough to eat! A #VerkadeDesign original!

Are those peppers?!? Yup, it’s time to refresh your summer containers.

4 Aug

It’s already August and one of two things may have happened to your lovely garden containers.

1. The heat wave a couple of weeks ago did a number on your plants.  Most survived, however others look like a wilted salad.


2. They are looking good but some of the annuals are blooming less frequently.  Perhaps a slight “face-lift” is needed?

This 1 minute video will highlight some plants that are frost tolerant (not frost proof) so that your containers will keep their sexy look into October.

Late Summer Container

Plants included are:

– Ornamental Pepper ‘Calypso Rouge’

– Ornamental Pepper ‘Black Pearl’

– Pennisetum ‘Fireworks’

– Scaevola aemula

Herbs… a feast for the eyes and tummy.

24 May

I realize some of you might be daunted by the prospect of creating a garden oasis this summer. So perhaps start a small  herb garden so you get 2X the benefit from your effort; aesthetic improvement that you can also savour!

Here are some simple tips on getting your herb garden started.

1. Location, location, location: Most herbs prefer full sun (5 hours or more per day) so try to find a sunny and sheltered area on your balcony, deck or backyard.  Consider this… many herbs offer great aesthetic value, consider planting them amongst your existing annuals and perennials for their visual appeal.  They need not be relegated to one blocked off corner of  your garden.

2. Inventive ‘Pots’: Although I normally avoid using ‘found objects’ in my gardens, I find that herb gardens are the perfect place to experiment with more playful containers. I found this rustic 5 compartment tray at the Evergreen Garden Market at the Brickworks for $30. Can you guess what it is? It is an industrial bread loaf tray from the Weston factory in Leslieville! It’s perfect for herbs as it has 5  distinct compartments  to house your favourites.

Found objects can make interesting plant containers.

3.  Select your Herbs:  When selecting herbs, consider some of  your favourite meals and the dry spices you normally use in your cooking.  By planting herbs you already use, it will ensure you get the most use out of your herb garden.  Here are some of my favourites:

For the  BBQ:  thyme & rosemary ( I opt for a separate potted shrub as I use this one almost daily!)

Cocktail Hour: spearmint for mojitos! Be careful though… keep this one in a container on its own as it grows like crazy which will give you lots of excuses to host mojito parties!

Italian dishes: oregano, basil and parsley

Asian dishes: thai basil and cilantro

4. Plant and enjoy!

"Urban Herbs"

Fresh and bright! The perfect summer urn for shade.

18 May

Ok you city dwellers, do you have a deeply shaded urban garden in need of a face lift?!
Consider a modern and fresh palette of electric lime, rich purple and flirty fuchsia. Here is a look at one of my favorite combos.

Tulips that last!

20 Mar

Sustainable DIY Fresh Flower Tip
Everyone loves fresh-cut tulips in the spring… but they simply just don’t last!
Instead, for the same price, buy a planted tulip pot from your local grocer and in under 5 minutes you can easily transplant the bulbs into any type of container you like — a vase, glasses or even mugs and bowls. 

 Personally, I highly recommend glass vases because it reveals the bulb itself and really interesting root structure.  Add some stones or pebbles and you’ve created a little work of art.

The result? Fresh and modern tulip creations that will last weeks instead of day.  
Stylish, sustainable…. perfect!