At Verkade Landscape Design, we meet all your landscape needs through our design and network of reputable contractors. Our residential landscape design services include:

Residential Landscape Design

  1. Conceptual landscape design: delivering custom and sustainable  outdoor living spaces that showcase your personal style.
  2. Custom / Detail Design: design and custom fabrication of garden features such as water features, retaining walls, metal etc.
  3. Project Management: on-site inspection and supervision of project installation
  4. Contract tendering: provision of multiple quotes for installation maximizing your opportunity for savings.
  5. Garden Decor Sourcing: furniture, outdoor art, landscape materials.
    To learn about the design process, please click here.
Container Gardening
  1. Installation of seasonal plant material 4x per year (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter)
  2. Sourcing containers
  3. Custom container design (metal / wood)
    Click here for examples. 
Garden Consulting Services 
Do you have specific problem areas in your garden that you want to address? If so, our Garden Consulting service will allow you tackle a broad spectrum garden challenges, such as:
  1. Learning how to prune your trees & shrubs
  2. Learning plant care tips specific to your garden.  For example, proper fertilizing, pest control,  fall /spring clean-up measures, etc.
  3. Planting recommendations to enhance your landscape.

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