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New Site Launches!

26 Mar

Awaken to the arrival of Spring with the launch of Verkade Garden & Style, an e-magazine resource for classic, current and cutting-edge style trends in garden design.

We believe that good design is an integral part of real life. By combining form and function, we demonstrate how the outdoors can be transformed into unique spaces for entertaining family and friends, relaxing in your private sanctuary and simply enjoying the beauty of nature.

From profiling new products to providing design ideas and inspiration, Verkade Garden & Style delivers the best in garden and style ideas, straight to the homes of Canadians.

We explore the world of garden design through three simple themes.

  1. Design: Discover design solutions and learn the principles of stunning landscape design.
  2. Decor: From furniture to lighting, discover how to accessorize your outdoor space with style.
  3. Flora: Get up close and indulge in the unique aesthetic value of your favourite plants.

Get some Spring garden inspiration now!


Stop the presses!

1 Mar

Ok… let’s be honest… there hasn’t been any activity here since Christmas BUT there is good reason!

Verkade Landscape Design is getting a facelift just- in-time for Spring!

As aspiring style editor to the gardening world, I LOVE to share my view on landscape design, garden decor and stunning plants.
So… I’m launching Verkade Garden & Style,  a new garden design
e-magazine that will showcase fresh and gorgeous garden design inspiration.

Stay tuned…

Your garden stylist,