Should’a put a wreath on it! Wuh Uh Oh Uh Uh Oh

9 Dec

Ok, I know… a cheesy title for this post but I’m feeling a little cheeky this morning as I watch the first gorgeous snow flurries while listening to Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies/Put a ring on it.”  It is  as much-needed pause from Holiday music I’ve been enjoying a bit too much lately!
I’ve already showed you how to turn a wreath into the perfect centerpiece, now it’s time for part 3 in my Holiday Wreath decorating series, it’s time to add holiday glamour to your front door.  Watch this short video on how to make your own custom wreath!

Another wreath idea, is to use a grapevine base (available at any craft store such as Michael’s).  Grapevine is the perfect base for any wreath as it can be re-used to create  a Fall or Spring wreath given the neutrality of the material and unlike evergreen wreaths, this is the only natural material that won’t fall apart so you can re-use the same wreath year after year.  The wreath shown here was made in under 15 minutes using the following materials:

– 3′ diameter grapevine wreath
– Christmas Ball garland (red colour to match our Christmas tree)
– Winterberry (red berries) garland
– Red Pine cone ornaments & 3 birds borrowed from the Christmas tree decorations

Red ornaments and winter-berry garland plus red pine cones

No hot glue gun needed! (which is great because I always burn myself!) Simply wrap the ball ornament and winterberry garland around the wreath and affix with fishing line, floral wire or strong sewing thread.  Then add some theme ornaments borrowed from your Christmas tree (in my case, red birds and pine cones) and your done! A unique custom wreath that directly ties into your existing Holiday decor theme!  Once the Holiday season is over, simply remove the Christmas elements and you can redecorate the grapevine wreath once Spring/Easter rolls around.

Red birds borrowed from Christmas Tree


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