Darling, don’t forget the dahlias!

19 Sep

If you love Spring peonies then consider adding dahlias to your late summer garden.  They bloom from early August until the first frost and come in a dizzying array of sizes and colours. Some are as small as a golf ball while others rival the largest of buffet dinner plates!

Dahlias are know for their saturated and rich colours of orange, pink, purple, scarlet, yellow and white.  The best part is,  you can find many varieties that offer a combination of these colours all in one flower which make these perfect for cut- flower arrangements. My friend Roxanna shows us how gorgeous a simple bouquet of the flowers can be!

Dahlia Growing Tips

1. Select a comfy home.  Dahlias are sun lovers and must have well-drained (yet moist) soil.

2. Be careful when planting. The most common way to grow dahlias is from their tuber form (imagine oddly-shaped fingerling potatoes or ginger root).  These tubers however are very sensitive to any damage so be sure not to scratch, cut or break the tuber as otherwise you may be disappointed come bloom-time.

3. Provide Support.  Dahlia flowers are often very large which makes them top-heavy.  Give theses busty plants support by using a wooden or metal stake.

4.  Winter “Hibernation.” Dahlias unfortunately are not perennials in our climate. Once frost has brought an end to this years gorgeous display, remove the tubers and store in a dry, cool place until the following Spring.

Click here for more Dahlia growing tips.



2 Responses to “Darling, don’t forget the dahlias!”

  1. Flower Arrangements September 19, 2011 at 11:17 PM #

    Wow these flower arrangements look amazing thanks for sharing all of these great photos of flowers. The flower arrangement looks like a master piece someone put a lot of time and effort into those flowers.

    • Verkade Landscape Design September 20, 2011 at 7:40 AM #

      The arrangement was put together by a close from of mine that simply has a keen eye for design. I’ll pass along the compliments!

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