Beyond the Hour

26 Mar

TONIGHT @ 8:30
Let’s be honest… turning the lights off for one hour is not the goal nor does it make a significant impact.  Earth Hour is the opportunity for everyone  to commit to specific actions that will help us tread more lightly on our delicate Home.
So, whether or not you turn off the lights tonight… please commit to one change today that helps our planet. Here are 3 no-brainer ‘pledges’ that will help the earth and save you money!
1.  Drink tap, not bottled water.
2.  Run the dishwasher only when full and when finished, leave the door open to air-dry.
3.  Wash only in cold water (85 to 90% of energy used is to heat water). And guess what? Your clothes will last longer!

What will you do “beyond the hour?”


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