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Spring Cleaning… without the chemicals, it’s possible.

28 Mar

Forget all the premium priced eco-cleaning products. Try some simple at-home solutions and I guarantee you will be impressed with the results.  For example, try my “Super-V” cleaner – 1 part household vinegar, 5 parts tap water.

For 5 other pantry sourced cleaning solutions that won’t leave your home laden in chemicals, skip on over to InHabitat for super easy tips!

If making your products sounds too complicated, then consider trying my fav, iQ Cleaners  which is now available at Wal-Mart & Whole Foods and Loblaws.

Happy Spring Cleaning!


Beyond the Hour

26 Mar

TONIGHT @ 8:30
Let’s be honest… turning the lights off for one hour is not the goal nor does it make a significant impact.  Earth Hour is the opportunity for everyone  to commit to specific actions that will help us tread more lightly on our delicate Home.
So, whether or not you turn off the lights tonight… please commit to one change today that helps our planet. Here are 3 no-brainer ‘pledges’ that will help the earth and save you money!
1.  Drink tap, not bottled water.
2.  Run the dishwasher only when full and when finished, leave the door open to air-dry.
3.  Wash only in cold water (85 to 90% of energy used is to heat water). And guess what? Your clothes will last longer!

What will you do “beyond the hour?”

Going vertical

21 Mar

Wallflowerᵀᴹ Urban Garden designed by Haldane Martin, is a modular planter system that is designed to enable city dwellers to grow veggies and other plants on vertical walls.  Instead of graffiti and billboards let’s have urban vegetable  and flower gardens.

Tulips that last!

20 Mar

Sustainable DIY Fresh Flower Tip
Everyone loves fresh-cut tulips in the spring… but they simply just don’t last!
Instead, for the same price, buy a planted tulip pot from your local grocer and in under 5 minutes you can easily transplant the bulbs into any type of container you like — a vase, glasses or even mugs and bowls. 

 Personally, I highly recommend glass vases because it reveals the bulb itself and really interesting root structure.  Add some stones or pebbles and you’ve created a little work of art.

The result? Fresh and modern tulip creations that will last weeks instead of day.  
Stylish, sustainable…. perfect!

Garden Metamorphosis – Behind the Scenes @ Canada Blooms

18 Mar
Verkade Design had tons of fun supporting  Sander Designs  to create a sexy garden for Juno award-winning Jully Black.  Our garden planting garnered us the award for (drum roll please) …. “Best Use of Tulips”   No too surprising… I am dutch afterall 🙂 
Sexy takes work!

Putting on my marketing hat, a video montage was created to showcase her philosophy and philanthropic work with CARE Canada and also invited people to interact with Jully on Twitter.   Check out the Jully Black garden experience this weekend at Canada Blooms.

To see some behind the scenes (and not so flattering pics of me) click here.

In the media:
Toronto Star Article 1
Toronto Star Article 2

Spring is around the corner!

10 Mar

It may not feel like it but spring is definitely around the corner!
The weather outside may be confusing but the definite sign is the upcoming Canada Blooms Festival at the Direct Energy Centre in Toronto.  This year, I’m getting my hands dirty and helping out Sander Designs complete a stunning garden inspired by Juno award-winning artist Jully Black

Come visit and breathe in the fresh aromas of spring a few weeks early. 
Festival runs March 15-20.